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Please check back in June 2021 for the next cycle.

Are you seeking support to grow your business?

I work with spiritual solo-preneurs who are in the "seed" or "germination" phase of their business, and want support in both the practical and energetic aspects to grow their business into a thriving, sustainable practice.

Is this you?

  • You have a deep and unwavering commitment to a thriving planet and people, but you’re not having the impact you want to have.

  • You have a vision that is rooted in your unique creative expression, but you’re not making money through your vision.

  • You fully embrace magic, the world of the formless, and the energetic, but you flip between feeling expansion and possibility, and feeling shut down and unable to manifest.

  • You celebrate the synchronicities in which exactly the right person or opportunity will show up for you, but you find yourself getting stuck in spirals of distress when things go off track.

  • You have a drawer filled with sketches, a google drive of vision docs, and journal entries of your dreams, but despite your persistence, you haven’t fully manifested your vision. And you’re not sure why.

Perhaps you’ve tried the following to remedy your situation.

You work for free or very little money.

This allows you to do the work you love, but you feel drained and frustrated because it is unsustainable. And, though you would hate to admit it, you sometimes resent your clients for receiving so much while exchanging so little.

You work harder.

You get additional training or new certifications, thinking that they hold the missing piece you need to finally make it. Instead, you always need more, and never make the progress you expect.

You get a “real” job.

While this may help you pay the bills, it doesn’t meet your core longing. The tension remains, and perhaps expresses itself in unhealthy ways.

You turn to your spiritual practice.

Sometimes people self-medicate, sometimes they self-meditate. Are you trying to “be present” and “accept” or “destroy the ego” as a way to bypass feeling unsatisfied?

Why has it been so hard?

You are a visionary who is creating something new in the world.

Something that will walk people out of trauma and separation and into a world of connection and possibility.

This is not easy, because to do this work, you must move through your own trauma and separation.

Trauma is present in your personal, ancestral and collective fields. The more you move into the new world of your dreams and visions, the more you will activate your energetic firewalls of fear and scarcity.

You’ll know you have activated your fear or scarcity when:

  • Your mind will become attached to worry or stress and have a hard time shifting to possibility. Your mind is conditioned to create based on patterns from the past, not based on the emergence of the new.

  • Your ego will resist you - not by inflation, but by telling you are not enough. Your ego seeks to keep you safe by staying bound to the familiar and the old. The unknown is viewed with fear.

  • Your physical and emotional body will constrict when you reach a new stage in your journey. This is often from ancestral trauma cautioning you to turn back because it remembers the struggle to survive.

  • You persist - but make very little progress. When you came into the world, you developed brilliant strategies to keep you safe and help you survive. Those strategies run unsconsciously and are a powerful creative source.

You CAN embrace your full creative power and turn it into conscious creation!

What do you need to move through the fear and scarcity and step fully into your vision?

1. Intention - Seed

2. Arising - Soil

3. Generative Exchange - Mycelial Mat

4. Community - Ecosystem

5. Skilled Guidance -

Mystic Gardener

How to actualize your vision, with guidance from the forest.

  1. Vision+Intention = Seed

"The seed does not leave itself to become itself, it stays with itself and arises as itself. I long for you to experience the joy of staying and arising. It would be the garden of the soul."

-Spoken during a constellation about finding one's purpose.

The first step involves saying YES to your vision and to the intention to see it manifest. This creates the seed of your project. It contains the complete pattern and potential for what you are creating.

  1. Arising = Soil / Darkness

Your ability to arise as yourself requires you tap into your creative power contained in the shadow as well as the light. This includes working with both the light and shadow aspects of yourself as a leader.

The unintegrated shadow contains parts of yourself that have been rejected out of fear. When you are working on your intentions, you will inevitably meet these parts of yourself.

By acknowledging and ultimately embracing your unconscious shadow, you will fully access your creative capacity in service of your conscious intention.

  1. Generative Exchange = Mycelial Mat

The third step involves a paradigm shift, so I'll take a moment to explain.

The reason why fear and scarcity exist in human society is because of how we have been forced or conditioned to answer this question:

"How do I receive from life, and what do I need to give in exchange?"

For many generations, human society has created a system which desecrates, degrades and extracts material resource from the earth and labor from other humans in order to concentrate wealth and power for the few. Fear and scarcity exist because this destructive system has created it.

The natural and abundant flow of life is a generative exchange. This is one in which every being gives to the whole by expressing their own unique purpose, while simultaneously receiving exactly what they need from the ecosystem. All beings and the whole community benefit and increase the flow of life. In a forest ecosystem, generative exchange is served by the mycelial mat, a vast underground fungal network which distributes resources to each member of the interconnected forest.

SO: how do you move through fear and scarcity to step fully into your vision? You leave behind the structures of degeneration, heal residual patterns, and enter a new relationship with Life as generative exchange.

This is the core paradigm shift of the Mystic Creators community. Embodying this shift will transform your relationship to Life.

  1. Community = Ecosystem

The fourth step is to plant your intention in a nourishing soul-ecosystem. This is especially true because the dominant paradigm can be so draining on life-force energy (as you have been experiencing).

In the Mystic Creators Course, a nourishing soul-ecosystem means:

  • a collectively created sacred space

  • giving and receiving healing support when you get stuck

  • working with the formless dimension in an authentic and mature way

  • skill development and coaching to clearly articulate your vision and attract your community

  • the ability to sense and respond to needs as they arise

  1. Skilled Guidance = Master (Mystic) Gardener

The fifth step is to receive skilled guidance from someone who is invested in your success.

Imagine a Mystic Gardener who talks to the plants and the elements, grows spectacular food forests, and who will share their skills with you so you can grow your own food forest.

This is the role of a skilled coach who has the tools and magic to support you as you create your dream.

In Mystic Creators, Aitabé is your Mystic Gardener.

Mystic Creators

Small Group Coaching with Aitabé

Practical. Magic. Mystic Community.


Are you a facilitator, educator, healer, writer, artist, or creative who consciously integrates the spiritual dimension of life in their work?

Mystic Creators is designed to provide you with the support, training and community you need to fully develop and launch your project, so you can make money - and joy! - doing the work you are called to do.

Interested? Schedule a conversation with Bé.

"Aitabé is a loving guide on the journey into your inner wild unknowns.

She is adept, capable, kind, and familiar with the territory of what is beyond the five sense perceptions. She has a gift for befriending all of the aspects of a system.

If you are someone who is committed to personal and collective evolution, is completely dedicated to bringing forth your most radiant desire."

-Sonya Joy Key, Chef, Educator

"Aitabé is a creative visionary.

She sees patterns that allow her to structure constellations that are easy to use, yet multilayered and deeply healing. She can witness what others may shy from, whether it is the shadow side in a constellation, or in our culture and community. She allows truth at a deep level which creates space for amazing healing and light."

~Linda Vishala Baker,

I Am Aitabé

teacher, coach and creator of

I am the daughter of Julia Fornés Rodriguez of Maricao, Puerto Rico, and Orlando Cuaycong of Bacolod City, Philippines. Even as their stories are complex, I am nourished by the Love and Life Force that comes to me through them. I carry my parents and my ancestors in my heart.

I am a spiritual and creative person. These two are inseparable for me and have been core to my being since childhood. Nature, dance, sound, meditation, sensuality, eros, art, beauty, community. These are all different faces of my spiritual-creative expression.

I am an award-winning former NYC public high school teacher who taught systems thinking and mindfulness and created multi-disciplinary projects with my students.

I am a respected Family and Systemic Constellations Facilitator who explores new frontiers in constellation work. I walk into the unknown with my clients, supporting them as they remember their ancestral stories and heal personal and ancestral traumas.

Through work with the formless and energetic, I receive essential lessons from my ancestors. One lesson I received from my Taíno ancestors as I was preparing this invitation: “You do not become big through our story. You can only become big by living your own story.”

I am committed to transforming the collective Field of humanity from one of harm to one of harmony. This is how I understand my calling.

What does this mean for my clients?

I bring my empathic skills and my training in systems thinking and Family and Systemic Constellations to uncover ancestral stories and heal personal and ancestral traumas.

These same skills make me an amazing listener. Because I listen on multiple dimensions, I receive insights that result in highly generative conversations with my clients.

I bring the transforming and enlivening power of dance and sound and playful creative expression to spark and flame the creative expression of others.

I teach how to work with respect and in co-creative partnership with the formless and energetic dimensions of Life, and how to integrate this magic into one’s work in unique and innovative ways.

Oh: And I also happen to be an experienced freelancer and entrepreneur. My skills include branding, photography, graphic design, web design, marketing and copywriting.

“How can I describe how important Aitabé has been to me?

She listened to what was moving in me and found unique ways to collaboratively support my creative process, allowing me to move forward feeling alive and seen during times when it felt like no one understood what I was doing.

If you are facing the internal challenges of bringing your work into the world, working with Aitabé and her intuitive guidance will become an invaluable part of actualizing your vision.”

Rick Feltington, Author and Storyteller, The Prophecy of the Great Brightening

"Aitabé sees systemic patterns and understands the dynamics of systems change.

Through my work in Regenerative Story Development, I see the critical role that story-telling plays in transformative systems change, but I struggle to explain to my clients what I do and why it matters to them.

has the unique capacity to sense the potential in my work, ground what I offer in the immediate needs of my clients, and pull out of me the language that translates that potential for those clients.

She steps with ease into the wild embodiment of the multi-dimensional worlds of Constellations work. All of that makes her the ideal co-creative partner of head and heart as I develop my creative work!”

-Marianne Connor, Regenerative Story Development

"The space Aitabé holds is invaluable.

She weaves together Ancestral connection and personal healing within the context of social justice. has a gentle, clear, and direct communication style. Her intuition and empathic skills contribute a nuanced listening and guidance which allows the group to safely move through deep layers. I experience truths emerging and transformations happening in Bé's groups and I’m so grateful for all I’ve received from her and had the honor to witness. "

-Taina Lyons, Emerge Holistic Therapy

"I deeply appreciate the love, exploration, and ultimately joy that is transmitted through Aitabé's work.

Aitabé has a really compassionate heart. I have known her for a few years and I feel I can always go to her with what is present for me, and I am met with a transparent, honest, present reflection of what is living and perhaps hard to see. In some ways speaking the voice of the small shadow space that is actually screaming if we attuned our hearing. listens to those spaces in beautiful compassion, open curiosity, and deep care. So grateful to know this dear HeartSister; deep blessings to her and all those graced by her on their path!"

-Anayza, Intuitive Healer, Facilitator of Soul Remembrance

"I have felt the power of her work on a personal level, and witnessed its power to strengthen community.

Aitabé s is a wonderful friend and colleague of mine and has been a welcomed guest teacher at my various dance events. I'm always excited to take Bé's classes and experience the way she integrates movement and creativity with her transformative constellation work."

- Moti Zemelman, Contact Improvisation Dance Teacher

"I have experienced such a depth of listening, on multiple dimensions, in sessions with Aitabé.

Her support has deepened the connection with myself, my ancestors and guides. Most recently, she facilitated a process whereby we made contact with my core trauma, core strategy, core self and essence and through her empathic skills and capacity to uncover ancestral stories, the process brought me into connection with and remembering of my resources as well as deeper compassion for my core trauma and strategy.

If you're seeking guidance and support in connecting with your own knowing of your core self and your own essence to support further integration of your gifts, I highly recommend working with Aitabé. "

~Kat Gibson, Lady Gaia