You are here to create something truly new and beautiful in the world.

Dear One,

I send this out into the ether and trust that this invitation will find its way to you.

Who are you?

You are someone who has long felt called to serve. You are committed to a thriving planet and people. You have been on a path of personal healing and spiritual growth. Through your actions, you are a helper, healer, and trusted friend. Your heart is rooted in Love.

You are already seeding the creation of something new and beautiful in the world - perhaps without being consciously aware of it.

But now your awakening calls you to become a conscious co-creator with Life, and there are some things that you need:

  1. You need to understand patterns. Understanding patterns allows you to resolve old patterns of trauma and separation in yourself and the collective, to move into greater alignment with Love, and to learn how patterns guide and support creation.

  2. You need to understand how to access the Field. Information exists as a living, dynamic, and interactive Field; knowledge is created through your relationship with the Field. Information from the Field is a living resource that will guide you as you go forward.

  3. You need courage and community. The Love you are here for is not outside of you: it is the Love that enters the world through your own heart. This Love is not romantic or egoic - it is an expression of Divine Love. Committing to Love requires courage and community because it will take you out of belonging with relationships that contain patterns of separation and power-over. You are here to learn how to stay in love with those who don't understand you.

The first cycle of The Patterns of Creation begins in February 2022 and will accompany and support you for 6-months. If reading this has resonated with you, please schedule a conversation with Aitabé.

What you can expect from The Patterns of Creation.

(Coming Soon).