You're right: The system is the problem.

But how do we stop revolving - and learn to evolve, together?

Here's what I know about you:

  1. You know a better world is possible.

You look squarely at the challenges we face today - systems of oppression, extraction, and harm - yet you know that joyful thriving is possible - and you are here for it!

  1. You have been on a path of personal healing and spiritual growth.

Your healing allows you to be more present - and presence is where you meet life, fully.

  1. You are called to serve.

You likely experience this as a persistent inner drive, asking how can I use my gifts to heal, connect, illuminate, uplift, and bring joy?

AND - you know that you can't do it alone, BUT...

working with others can be SO hard

and almost always manages to recreate

some version of the larger systemic problems

within the very same group

that's trying to change things.

WHAT is going on?


If you are here to create something new and beautiful in the world, it is not enough to call out the players who abuse power and perpetuate harm.

WHY? Because until you can recognize and transform the underlying dynamics that lead to abuse of power and perpetuation of harm, the patterns will just be recreated with new actors.

The ability to create something new and beautiful in the world - rather than just recreating the old - requires two things:

  • Recognition of the underlying pattern.

  • Transforming your response to the pattern.

You probably already know this healing movement from other areas of your life, right? When looking at that intersection between the personal and the collective, we need a lens that can hold both.

What if the geometry of conflict is the same as the geometry of evolution?

One Instruction

Students in a course about empowerment and change were given a board game. As the teacher handed out the game, she said, “Save the earth.”

The board game came with a set of rules. As the students played, they found themselves divided into fighting factions. The abundant resources of the terrain were depleted. The ecosystem was disrupted. The water, air, and soil became polluted. Conflict escalated into chaos.

At the end of the game, everyone was defeated and the earth was destroyed.

When they debriefed the game, the students dove into analysis about who was to blame and which decisions were the most responsible. After some time of back and forth, someone pointed to the rules and said, look: the rules are the real problem. Yes, yes, they all agreed: the system is the problem! They all felt so clever. They turned to the teacher and said - see, you gave us a game that couldn’t be won.

The teacher said, I gave you only one instruction, to save the earth. Why didn’t you change the rules of the game?

It's time to discard the old rules.

You were born into a world in which the game was already in play according to rules that were determined before you arrived. The message has been: follow the rules and you will have success.

Despite the messaging, you look around and see a depleted and desecrated earth, conflict and polarization across the spectrum of human relationships, and an epidemic of disconnection with Love.

Meanwhile, the one measure of success in this current system, wealth, still goes overwhelmingly to a very small group of people.

This is not working. It is time to change the rules.

But if all you know are the old rules, how do you keep from just recreating the same game with different players?

By recognizing the patterns when they arise, and changing your response to them.

There is a geometry to the patterns of conflict and of evolution.

Understanding that geometry reveals both the cause of the problems and the path for change.

The ability to create something new and beautiful in the world - rather than just recreating the old - requires two things:

  • Recognition of the underlying patterns of creation.

  • A shift in perspective and response to the pattern.

Dear One,

Is this you?

  • You are called to serve.

  • You are committed to a thriving planet and people.

  • You have been on a path of personal healing and spiritual growth.

  • Your heart is rooted in Love.

You are already seeding the creation of something new and beautiful in the world - perhaps without being consciously aware of it.

At this time, you may find that your call is louder than ever. You may have a clear vision of where you want to go, but it's just as likely that all you feel is a disturbance without any clear direction.

Many of you may have tried to find a community to bring your gifts and work collectively towards something new and beautiful. But why do such endeavors so often fail? Because conflict and evolution both contain the same elements, but the difference between one path or the other

I have some gifts for you:

  1. A deep, perspective shifting understanding of patterns. What is the true nature of the challenges we face today, and what is the path forward that doesn't recreate the old? Understanding patterns allows you to resolve old patterns of trauma and separation in yourself and the collective, to move into greater alignment with Love, and to learn how patterns guide and support creation.

  2. The ability to access and trust your intuition. Information exists as a living, dynamic, and interactive Field; knowledge is created through your relationship with the Field. Information from the Field is a living resource that will guide you as you go forward.

  3. Encouragement and community. The Love you are here for is not outside of you: it is the Love that enters the world through your own heart. This Love is not romantic or egoic - it is an expression of Divine Love. Committing to Love requires courage and community because it will take you out of belonging with relationships that contain patterns of separation and power-over. You are here to learn how to stay in love with those who don't understand you.

The Love you are seeking is not outside of you:
You bring it into the world through your own heart.

Beginning in February, I will be facilitating a course called The Patterns of Creation. The first topic will be polarity.

In this course, you will learn how to use sacred geometries as maps that describe patterns of creation and relationship. You will learn how to bring your own questions to these maps and how to open all of your senses to receive information and insight.

Through this inquiry process, you will see the world around you differently - and more importantly, you will see yourself differently. Conflict will have a new meaning, belonging and boundaries will dissolve and reform, possibilities you hadn’t considered will emerge, and your own understanding of your power and capacity will root and flower.

Participants in this course are members of a community. You are welcome and encouraged to share your gifts and offerings, to create peer groups, to play and co-create together.

There are no prerequisites other than the will to learn how to create something new and beautiful.

YOU HAVE AN ESSENTIAL ROLE to play in the evolving of the human experience.

Your heart calling you to BECOME the LOVE. To step into your own creative power and join with others who are doing the same.

You are here to create something truly new and beautiful in the world.

The first cycle of The Patterns of Creation begins in February 2022 and will accompany and support you for 6-months. If reading this has resonated with you, please schedule a conversation with Aitabé.

Who this is for

What you will learn

How you will grow

How to learn from Sacred Geometries as a map of relationships and a pattern for creation.

How to ask questions and perceive information from the Field as a resource for information and guidance.

Invitation Practicum - A crash course in marketing as relationship building.