Intuition Zine

Published by The Art School for Mystics

A free zine for teens who want to learn how to develop their intuitive abilities.

We publish this zine in Greenfield MA (USA) and distribute it to the surrounding area. 

The paper copy of Issue #1 will be distributed on May 12, 2023

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The Art School for Mystics

The Art School for Mystics teaches young people how to access the power of their intuition so that they can confidently face any challenge and joyfully co-create a beautiful future!

The Art School for Mystics is a project of Aitabé Fornés, MEd, contributing author of A New Paradigm in Education Rising, and the founder of Sensethinking. She and her daughter Amiya, an illustrator and highly intuitive teen are collaborating to produce The Intuition Zine!