Money, Beloved is closed for this cycle. Please check back in June, 2021 for the next cycle.

You CAN completely transform your relationship with money!

Precise healing tools, embodied practice, and a nourishing community create a powerful soul-ecosystem for generative exchange.

Here’s what I thought would happen: I would find the hidden root, the ancestral pattern, or the past life contract that had me resisting my own abundance, and I would release that entanglement.

Once that was cleared, I would leave the workshop, return to my life, and … what? Attract money with ease? Become a better entrepreneur? Be motivated to do things that I struggled with before?

Well, yes. I was hoping for any or all of those.

But it didn’t work. And I tried a few times.

What I understand now is that a single workshop, or even multiple workshops, to clear money blocks may be informative. You may even release unhealthy patterns.

But it won’t fix your money problem.

This is because “money” isn’t one thing. It’s everything.

We live in a society in which money has become the CENTRAL organizing structure around which our survival, belonging, identity, and imagination have become attached. Every aspect of living on this planet is currently entangled with this man-made structure we call money.

So you might go to that workshop and have a meaningful experience. But tomorrow, if your survival feels threatened, your money issues will be back. If your belonging feels at risk, your money issues will be back. If your shame gets triggered, your money issues will be back.

The fact is, you need money.

Right now, society is put together in such a way that you need money to meet even your basic human needs. Money isn’t the real problem.

The problem is how the dominant system of exchange has completely disrupted your relationship with life.

Capitalism is an abusive relationship.

Under this structure, you live in fear that if you don’t do what’s expected, your survival is at risk. This isn’t just a thought in your head.

When you fear that you’ve lost your ability to make money, it triggers a trauma response. It’s physiological, psychological, and emotional.

This is an abusive relationship.

And like all abusive relationships, it’s a cycle that feeds off of itself. Trauma creates trauma, which leads to living in fear, which leads to being stuck in the system.

Life is a loving, generous, and ever-present relationship.

When you’ve lived in an abusive relationship for a long time it can appear as if there is no other kind of relationship.

That’s the way it has been for capitalism. Many people believe the only way to have money is to “play by the rules,” or to “master the game”.

But you can leave that game entirely and not just survive, but THRIVE!

This is because another relationship does exist, has always existed. It is a direct relationship with Life itself, no game required.

There is one block you must clear: your ability to trust that you can have a relationship with money and Life that is loving, generous, and ever-present.

Honestly, for most people, this is no small feat.

But when you are able to affirm and trust Life’s true nature, YOU WILL experience a new relationship with money. Money will show up as synchrony, flow, creation, attraction, manifestation and joy!

What does it take to establish this new relationship with money and Life?

The process looks a lot like healing from an unhealthy relationship:

  • Find a safe place that is rooted in a healthy relationship with money and Life

  • Heal the trauma you have experienced in your previous relationship

  • Learn healthy new patterns to relate to money and Life

  • Be patient and loving with yourself as you rebuild your trust

  • Create healthy boundaries, and cultivate your inner knowing, so you can keep out harmful relationships of giving and receiving

"I took this course a couple of months ago and it was seriously the most powerful and beneficial thing I've ever done to examine and realign my relationship with money and all its many entanglements in my life.

I came away with clarity, knowledge, and inspiration and
I can't recommend this work, and Aitabé, strongly enough!

Aitabé is a wise and profoundly talented teacher and
I am so grateful for the opportunity this course presented to work with her.”

-Art Burns,

Money, Beloved

How would your life be different if you could KNOW that money is always there for you when you need it?

Money, Beloved: Transformative practices and nourishing community for a new relationship to money and Life!

In this 3-month course you will

  • Build a relationship with Life that you can affirm and trust - and relax into.

  • Identify and release the core trauma that disrupts your relationship to Life.

  • Develop an embodied awareness of your money triggers so you can consciously shift back into alignment.

  • Experience the four essential practices to maintain a joyful relationship with Life: play, gratitude, awareness, and presence.

In addition to the core practices, what makes this course so effective is the peer and professional support you receive to help you fully transition into your new relationship with Life.

The Money, Beloved course is:

  • Embodied and Experiential

  • Engages Awareness, Intuition and Play

  • Uses Self-Reflection and Peer Support

  • Designed and Facilitated by Aitabé, a Professional Family and Systemic Constellation Facilitator

Who this is for:

  • You are committed to personal growth, even if it means experiencing the discomfort of the new.

  • You are comfortable with or open to the spiritual dimension of life.

  • You enjoy and grow from peer support.

  • You are open to information that comes from intuition, imagination and creativity.

Skeptical but open-minded? This is for you! This course does not require any belief, only the openness to experience and know for yourself.

Who this isn’t for:

  • You are more attached to comfort than growth.

  • You are an avowed atheist or follow a dogmatic religion. This is not a judgment about your beliefs, just a recognition that you will likely be uncomfortable with this course.

  • You dislike working with peer groups.

  • You do not trust information unless it comes from outside experts.

Skeptical and unwilling to trust your inner knowing? This course is probably not for you, because it relies on your ability to sense and trust your own knowing.

About Aitabé

Founder of The Art School for Mystics

A respected Family and Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Aitabé teaches people to trust and affirm their inner knowing and to create from a place of joy!

“How can I describe how important Aitabé has been to me?

She listened to what was moving in me and found unique ways to collaboratively support my creative process, allowing me to move forward feeling alive and seen during times when it felt like no one understood what I was doing.

If you are facing the internal challenges of bringing your work into the world, working with and her intuitive guidance will become an invaluable part of actualizing your vision.”

~Rick Feltington, Author and Storyteller, The Prophecy of the Great Brightening

"Aitabé is a loving guide on the journey into your inner wild unknowns.

She is adept, capable, kind, and familiar with the territory of what is beyond the five sense perceptions. She has a gift for befriending all of the aspects of a system.

If you are someone who is committed to personal and collective evolution, is completely dedicated to bringing forth your most radiant desire."

~Sonya Joy Key, Chef, Educator

"Aitabé is a creative visionary.

She sees patterns that allow her to structure constellations that are easy to use, yet multilayered and deeply healing. She can witness what others may shy from, whether it is the shadow side in a constellation, or in our culture and community. She allows truth at a deep level which creates space for amazing healing and light."

~Linda Vishala Baker,

"The space Aitabé holds is invaluable.

She weaves together Ancestral connection and personal healing within the context of social justice. Aitabé has a gentle, clear, and direct communication style. Her intuition and empathic skills contribute a nuanced listening and guidance which allows the group to safely move through deep layers. I experience truths emerging and transformations happening in Bé's groups and I’m so grateful for all I’ve received from her and had the honor to witness. "

~Taina Lyons, Emerge Holistic Therapy

"I deeply appreciate the love, exploration, and ultimately joy that is transmitted through Aitabé's work.

Aitabé has a really compassionate heart. I have known her for a few years and I feel I can always go to her with what is present for me, and I am met with a transparent, honest, present reflection of what is living and perhaps hard to see. In some ways speaking the voice of the small shadow space that is actually screaming if we attuned our hearing. listens to those spaces in beautiful compassion, open curiosity, and deep care. So grateful to know this dear HeartSister; deep blessings to her and all those graced by her on their path!"

~Anayza, Intuitive Healer, Facilitator of Soul Remembrance

"I have felt the power of her work on a personal level, and witnessed its power to strengthen community.

Aitabé is a wonderful friend and colleague of mine and has been a welcomed guest teacher at my various dance events. I'm always excited to take Aitabé's classes and experience the way she integrates movement and creativity with her transformative constellation work."

~Moti Zemelman, Contact Improvisation Dance Teacher

"I have experienced such a depth of listening, on multiple dimensions, in sessions with Aitabé.

Her support has deepened the connection with myself, my ancestors and guides. Most recently, she facilitated a process whereby we made contact with my core trauma, core strategy, core self and essence and through her empathic skills and capacity to uncover ancestral stories, the process brought me into connection with and remembering of my resources as well as deeper compassion for my core trauma and strategy.

If you're seeking guidance and support in connecting with your own knowing of your core self and your own essence to support further integration of your gifts, I highly recommend working with . "

~Kat Gibson, Lady Gaia