A Small Group Constellation Circle with Aitabé

This circle is for you if:

  1. There’s something important in your life that you can’t understand or shift on your own.

    Are you seeking to live in full alignment with your heart – but experiencing fear or resistance to change? Are you wanting greater connection and intimacy, but struggling with healthy boundaries? Are you a parent who feels overwhelmed and you desire greater ease and peace in your parenting? Is there a longing – perhaps one that has been present all your life – that you are ready to follow? Are you looking for deeper healing around issues that you thought you had already worked through? WHEREVER you are in your life, if you have questions that you want greater insight into, I guarantee you will be deeply impacted by this experience.

  1. You want to develop your intuition and trust your inner knowing.

    Although intuition is often dismissed and largely misunderstood, your intuition is your most valuable way of knowing. This experience will prove it to you. In this group you will experience how accessible and powerful your intuition is. You will discover that you have the ability to feel when a system in constricted and when it is flowing, and we will use this information to help each other open up to our own wholeness.

  1. You want to understand how a community can be of healing service together and get inspired by what’s possible.

    For me, constellation work has shifted my understanding of what groups of people can do together. We have so much power! You will experience what constellators refer to as ‘the Field’ – the knowing consciousness that we access for this work. While the focus of this group will be the personal constellations we experience together each week, I will also share teachings and exercises that you can use on your own or with peers so that you continue to grow in your experience of what’s possible.

It’s hard to overstate how powerful these circles are. When we spend this time together in the Field, there arises a great sense of awe and a deep connection to each other and to the All-That-Is. This circle is designed specifically to allow for a personal constellation for everyone who participates and to have the experience of being of healing service to each other over an extended period.

Six Wednesdays: March 17, 24, 31, April 7, 14, 21 (2021)

6pm ET – 9pm EDT (Click here for your time zone)

Space is limited to 6 people. A personal constellation is guaranteed for each participant.


TO REGISTER: Email apfornes@gmail.com

If you are interested, but can’t make that time, send me an email and I’ll see if we can make a second group.

To register:

  1. Take a moment and feel into this offering. If you get a yes, send an email to apfornes@gmail.com letting me know!

  2. I will send you a confirmation in reply. I will reply personally – please give me a few hours to respond. I’ll send you the info to pay me in full $240 or you can make three payments of $80.

  3. We will meet on zoom for all of our calls.

Reach out if you have questions!

With a Sunny Heart,